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So let me guess you hate your life and want to end it aka die ? Chances are that you have a mental disorder and little information on how to make a successful suicide because if you did you would probably not be searching online.Or you can't access the Peaceful Pill Handbook or Suicide and Attempted Suicide Methods & Consequences by Geo Stone(parts of the book are available free online)
.Or you have a terminal illness which will get very painful/humiliation/burdensome ....and are considering leaving early.Or you don't know what the quickest/least painful way to kill yourself is.Or you just have this fascination around death.

Whichever it is,here are a few sites I have found to be interesting.

This site has no specific angle,just pros & cons,statistics,suicide methods,methods classed by agony(pain),time and how likely it is to kill you,advice,meaning of life...Make sure you read the terms of use.
Personally I found this website helpful to gain perspective.

You might find it interesting that slitting your wrists/arms/legs,overdosing on prescription drugs and non prescription drugs will take a very long time and chances are they will not kill you,they will just hurt a hell of a lot and leave you damaged. (6-12.3% chance of death)

This site is also interesting

Each year in the United States 30,000 people kill themselves. Almost half a million survive suicide attempts. Of these, 19,000 are permanently disabled. 
kill myself hate my life hate myself want to die suicide thoughts
Approx 1 in 15 attempts are fatal,most of these people do not wish to die.
Few people understand how dangerous their chosen suicide method is, or the consequences of its failure.

For example lethality of firearms is as dependent upon type of cartridge and bullet as upon calibre,a person not knowing this could end up seriously disfigured.
File:José Garnelo i Alda- Suicida per amor- 253.JPGJumps from more than 150 feet (10-12 stories) over land going head first & 250 feet over water are almost always fatal but sadly most attempts are made from lower heights and result in permanent injuries including paralysis.Jumping should not be used as a suicidal gesture.

kill myself hate my life hate myself want to die suicide thoughts
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Please note- the opinions expressed on the websites are not especially mine,visit them at your own risk.
If you are considering taking your life or assisting someone in taking their own life (which are both illegal in most cases ) I strongly advice you to seek professional help.There are many suicide hotlines and psych wards for this purpose in many countries a quick internet search will lead you to them.

If I am doing anything illegal by linking to these websites,leave a comment & I will remove this post from the blog as soon as I can.

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