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How to add Charts/Screenshots to Windows Live Movie Maker Slides

I couldn't find a tutorial for this so decided to make one after I figured out how to do it.

You will need:
·        Microsoft Word/Excel or Microsoft Word Starter (free version)
·        Paint
·        Maybe a blog/website,free file hosting service if you have the free version of Microsoft- Microsoft Word Starter 

 Microsoft Word /Excel
This way is much quicker than with the free version you will be using the “Snapshot tool”

Microsoft Word Starter (free version)
1.     Open your document zooming into the chart but not too much so that the corners of your chart are visible
2.     Make sure that no unwanted features are there such as red lines due to spelling mistakes or words the program doesn’t recognize… put your cursor (mouse arrow) out of the way
3.     Find the print screen (PrtSc) button on your screen and press it 
4.     Now still in your Word Starter document press paste (by  pressing Ctrl and then V or right clicking and choosing the paste option)
5.     Make your document shorten in width by clicking the minus sign at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to 70%.Click on the screen shot picture you just pasted.Go to Picture Tools in the pink tab. Crop the picture by forming a rectangle around its edges with the crop tool.

6.     Stretch out your snapshot a lot so that you can only see parts of it (more than half can’t be seen)

7.     Click on the snapshot, right click and then select copy.
8.     Go to Paint and paste the snapshot. Select the 50% by clicking the minus sign at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.Drag the end of the white rectangle up to meet the line of your chart.

9.   Zoom in and use the pink eraser for small parts you want to erase.

10. Save the Paint document to a place you will be able to find it such as your Picture folder.

11.Go to Movie Maker. Now you can try to add your chart to your movie slide by going to the Home tab and clicking add videos & photos (depending on which version you have). Select your Paint file and see if the picture is uploaded in its edited form. If it is not, you will have to upload the Paint file on a blog/website and then select it and right click save picture, save the picture and upload it to Movie Maker just like I described above.If you don't have a blog/website you can use a free image hosting site.

12. You will probably not be able to change the background color to another color than black.
Hope this helps!

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